William Michael Betts I

Betts Company founder, William Michael Betts I

Since 1868, Betts Company has evolved from its humble beginnings as the first spring manufacturer west of the Mississippi into a diversified operation that serves heavy-duty transportation, automotive aftermarket, and other industrial sectors.

Betts Company’s legacy began during America’s post-war reconstruction era. Ingenuity was flourishing, and tradesmen were immigrating to the USA. Among them was William Michael Betts, an English ironworker who wanted to pioneer spring manufacturing in the west. With a bold move to San Francisco, young William launched his namesake company that quickly became known for expertly crafting springs for wagons and buggies of all kinds. Along the way, Betts’ reputation for quality, integrity, and ingenuity was built.

For the next 155 years, Betts became known as an industry leader for creating innovative, patented products made in the United States. A continuously family-owned business for six generations, Betts Company’s core values, known as The Betts Way, have been the guiding principles that inspire the company to Improve the Way Things Move® for customers, suppliers, and the communities in which it lives.

Today, Betts proudly serves the transportation and other industrial markets through its three business units – Betts Spring ManufacturingBetts Truck Parts & Service, and BettsHD.

Betts Company Through The Years


William Michael Betts I, a decorated English spring maker, sails to the United States in search of new opportunities


Betts Spring Company is founded in San Francisco, California, making springs for carriages, streetcars and wagons


Betts Spring Company, along with 80% of the City of San Francisco, is destroyed in the Great San Francisco Earthquake (rebuilt same year)


The first spray suppression patent is issued to Betts Spring Company for the A21 coiled bar type hanger, establishing BettsHD


BettsHD begins manufacturing and distributing spray suppression and safety products for heavy duty vehicles


The first-spring loaded hanger for heavy duty trucks is developed by Betts Spring Company


Betts Truck Parts & Service opens its first location in San Leandro, California

Corrugated metal fenders made at BettsHD, Canfield, OH

Betts Company acquires Life-Time Fenders

Betts Company Fresno HQ

Betts Spring Company moves from San Leandro to Fresno, California

Betts Company Corporate Icon

Betts Spring Company formally becomes Betts Company with three divisions: Betts Spring Manufacturing, Betts Truck Parts & Service, and BettsHD


Bill Betts becomes the sixth generation president of Betts Company and Mike Betts becomes chairman & CEO

Betts Company 150th anniversary logo

Betts Company celebrates 150 years of Improving the Way Things Move, and six generations of family ownership

Betts Company Certified Evergreen

Betts Company is awarded Certified Evergreen status.

Sway-A-Way Logo

Betts Spring Manufacturing acquires Sway-A-Way, Inc.