FRESNO, CA  — 3/27/2024  — BettsHD, a division of Betts Company, along with manufacturing partner Featherwing, now offers a refuse fender specifically designed for roll-on/roll-off trucks.

Roll-off trucks are vital in waste collection services, providing efficient, cost-effective, and reliable solutions for managing waste in various industries and settings.

“We are excited about this venture into a new marketplace,” said Ed Powderly, Vice President of Sales of BettsHD. “This fender is an excellent addition to BettsHD’s high-grade poly and stainless steel fender products. We are committed to developing new products utilizing cutting-edge technology to have the most complete and robust product line the waste management industry offers.”

BettsHD’s new Featherwing refuse / roll-off fenders are custom-designed for all tandem and tri-axle applications.

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