FRESNO, CA  — 4/18/2023  — There is exciting news from Betts Spring Manufacturing!

“We have successfully upgraded one of its preset machines to be capable of life cycle testing compression springs,” said David Ellis, Director of Engineering & Quality of Betts Company. “The machine retains the capability to function as a preset machine for Production but is now capable of taking on the role of life cycle tester when needed.”

“Thanks to the Betts Team for their expedient work to bring this capability online,” Ellis continued. “More is in the works to improve this capability.”

Here are the specifications for the “Betts Spring Cycle Tester”:

  • Force Capacity: 30,000lbs Max
  • Stroke: 20” Max
  • Cycles: 1 – 1M
  • Rate: 1Hz @ 2” stroke (Approx.)
  • Run duration example: 2” stroke for 120,000 cycles = 33.3 run hours
  • Laser height detection
  • Laser break detection
  • Flat Ground Ends or Helical Unground Ends
  • Capable of test pause & resume.