Betts Company is a sixth generation, family-owned business that began its tradition of service and excellence in 1868.

Company History

Betts Employees with William Michael Betts I

Early employee photo with William Michael Betts I.

Original Betts Building

Original Betts building in San Francisco.

In The Beginning...

Betts Company is a sixth generation, family owned business that began its tradition of service and excellence in 1868. William Michael Betts I, a talented English steel craftsman sailed to the United States in 1860 in search of new opportunities. The country was divided by civil war - but he was not deterred from his quest to pioneer spring manufacturing west of the Mississippi. After the war subsided he set sail again, around South America to make port in the bustling city of San Francisco. There he would open his own shop, originally named Betts Spring Company, making springs for carriages, streetcars and wagons of every kind. It didn't take long before Betts Spring Company became a well-known and respected business. William Michael Betts built a reputation for quality springs through his policy of "Building Well and Serving Better".

Today, Betts Company is still owned and operated by the Betts family, continuing William Michael Betts' tradition of excellence. Betts Company is well known around the world for its innovative products, quality manufacturing and superior customer support. The company serves transportation and other industrial markets through three business units  – Betts Spring Manufacturing, Betts Truck Parts and Service and BettsHD.